From The Final Call Newspaper

By Askia Muhammad, Senior Editor
- October 6, 2020

President’s COVID-19 Diagnosis Raises Questions, Sparks Skepticism, Anger

WASHINGTON—Donald J. Trump never fails to excite the world of politics.

Mr. Trump, still likely carrying the deadly Covid-19 virus, triumphantly returned to the White House, discarded his mask and declared over Twitter he was doing well and possibly immune to the deadly virus.

After three days at Walter Reed military hospital, the president landed on the South Lawn of the White House via helicopter Oct. 5. He was admitted after he and first lady Melania Trump were struck by the virus. It’s suspected that a mass infection resulted from a mostly mask-less, crowded “super spreader” event during an announcement of the president’s pick for the Supreme Court. The White House became a coronavirus hot spot with high level staffers, lower level workers, senators, a university president and other high profile guests, presidential debate coaches, journalists working at the White House and others who have been in close proximity to the president or aides testing positive for Covid-19.

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