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Bold, Defiant Words From Mr. Trump

By The Final Call
- September 29, 2020

Doctors looking after infected patients in hospital, coronavirus concept.

The president’s vow to make final decision on more stringent safety requirements for Covid-19 vaccine increases fears a harmful product could be rushed to market

by Naba’a Muhammad and Charlene Muhammad Final Call Staffers

The president dropped a powerful, but perhaps unsurprising bombshell when he declared he could veto a Food and Drug Administration decision to employ more stringent safety standards for approval of a controversial Covid-19 vaccine.

He deepened fears that politics and his almost obsessive drive for reelection, helped by a “cure” for the coronavirus as voters take to the polls Nov. 3, would compromise the safety of the American people.

“Mr. President, the FDA is reportedly considering stricter guidelines for the emergency authorization of a Covid vaccine. Are you okay with that?” asked a reporter during a Sept. 23 press briefing at the White House.

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