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The mission of the N.O.I. as a whole and of each of its parts is the spiritual development of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam in North America and our people throughout the world. The mission of the N.O.I. is the resurrection spiritually of a dead people and the entire focus and meaning of its work is to bring about this resurrection as quickly as possible. This is the purpose that gives meaning to all other activities engaged in and is the criterion by which we expect to be judged by Allah and His Messenger, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. As such, the spiritual dimension must be present in all and excluded from none. (copied from


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The life and work of a servant and soldier remembered, investigation continues


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The sanctuary of Deliverance Outreach Ministries church was filled to capacity September 13 as many came to pay their last respects to Student Minister Robert Dion Muhammad, the leader of the Nation of Islam’s study group in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. ( - The Nation of Islam has called in forensic specialists and private investigators to look deeply into the circumstances surrounding the suspicious death of the leader of the Nation of Islam’s study group here.

Robert Dion Muhammad, the 39-year-old leader of the Nation of Islam’s Grand Rapids Study Group reportedly went missing in the waters of Muskegon State Park’s campground beach September 5th at approximately 5:30 p.m. According to Muskegon County Sheriff Dean Roesler, his body was found the next day in Muskegon Lake in 28 feet of water. Details are sketchy but it has been reported that he struggled during an attempted swim back to a boat that was located approximately 50 feet offshore, went under water, and presumably drowned.

Robert Dion Muhammad (September 6, 1974 - September 5, 2014)

“We intend to get to the truth of what happened to our brother,” said the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who presided over the Islamic funeral prayer service known as the Janazah, speaking from the pulpit of the Deliverance Outreach Ministries church September 13.

“Even though we are hurt because we don’t know exactly what happened,” the Minister continued, “we bear our pain with dignity and strength.”

Minister Farrakhan said whether it was a tragic accident as has been reported, or foul play involved, Allah (God), the giver of all life, already knows. If there is evil involved, Allah (God) will deliver a severe punishment and swift retribution.

The Nation of Islam’s funeral ceremony is dignified and efficient. Minister Farrakhan explained that in Nation of Islam funerals, there are no elaborate and expensive floral displays, because it is preferable that flowers and accolades are given to individuals while they are alive, when they can enjoy their beauty, and the sentiments of those sharing them. There are no choirs singing, and brief words are spoken by the appointed spiritual leader, reinforcing the transitory nature of life and the importance of appreciating each day as a gift from God.

“Every life is his and as the Sovereign Lord of all life, he can call us back to himself whenever he pleases,” said the Minister.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan offers prayers over the casket of Robert Dion Muhammad at Oakhill Cemetery in Grand Rapids September 13.

Robert Dion Muhammad’s wife, Sister Yreva Muhammad (seated far right), his mother Karla Muhammad (seated in orange coat) and his father Greyland Banks, received comforting words from Minister Farrakhan and those who worked with Brother Robert.

Members of the Fruit of Islam served as pallbearers and carried the coffin out of the church placing it delicately in the hearse, as the women of the Muslim Girls Training and General Civilization Class of the Nation of Islam escorted the family of Robert Dion Muhammad to the vehicles that would take them to the burial grounds. Dozens of cars in the funeral procession traveled through the streets of Grand Rapids arriving at the Oakhill Cemetery.

In a particularly moving tribute, one of Robert Dion Muhammad’s young sons participates in covering his father’s casket at the burial.

The widow of Robert D. Muhammad, Sister Yreva, was visibly shaken, but with dignity and poise comforted her young children, with the help of relatives and the extended family of those who are members of the community. The two were married in 2000 and have eight children, four sons, Nioreh Dion (16), Solomon Isa (13), Toussaint Saalih (12) and Najm Sherrif (10), and four daughters, Nikah Hanan (8), Shahadah Qamar (6), Ilyasa Mashariq-Hajj (2), and Mizan Qaharra (5 months). Muhammad would have turned 40 on Saturday, September 6, the day his body was found by aquatic search crews.

Minister Farrakhan delivered a brief prayer, and then those who loved and respected Robert Dion Muhammad proceeded to cover his casket with dirt and flowers. Then, the body was lowered to its ultimate resting place. The Minister shared final comforting words with the family and all who gathered.

“I’m looking at his sons and his daughters and I can see in them that they will continue the work of their father, so it is not over. It has just begun, and you watch and see how God answers and he will. The Qur’an says he’s very swift at taking retribution. If they did anything evil, you can believe they will pay,” he said.

A humble soldier, father and husband
Every person who spoke about Robert Dion Muhammad described him as a committed Muslim, husband and father who was always available to serve those in need. He had led the Grand Rapids Study Group since 2006. Many described how he would be reliably posted up at the corner of Eastern and Franklin—a busy intersection in Grand Rapids—making The Final Call newspaper available to the members of the community.

Funeral director and licensed mortician Crystal Hardley, with over seventeen years of experience in the industry, believes it is a very good idea that the Nation of Islam has hired its own independent investigators and forensic specialists to look into the circumstances surrounding Robert Muhammad’s death.

“I just recognized the discoloration around his eyes did not line-up with a drowning victim,” said Ms. Hardley. “It was clearly not just a drowning,” she added.

Azizi Jasper was a close friend of Robert Muhammad for over a decade and called his loss “an incredible blow” to the Black community in Grand Rapids.

“Brother Robert was a dear friend of mine. He had an incredible family—a beautiful Black family. He was a true living reflection of God,” said Mr. Jasper. “All the time he’s been in the community, he worked tirelessly,” he added.

Student Minister Ishmael R. Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan’s assistant, greets Joe Jones of the National Urban League of Grand Rapids as Pastor Jerry Bishop of Life Quest Ministries looks on. Both worked with Robert D. Muhammad in community service and outreach.

Marcus Muhammad, the Nation of Islam’s study group leader based a little over an hour away in Benton Harbor, worked very closely with Robert Muhammad, especially during the times they brought Min. Farrakhan to Grand Rapids in 2012 and 2013 for speaking engagements. Marcus Muhammad said he was a humble brother.

“I watched when he was installed as the study group coordinator and as he served in the post, his humility grew along with his service,” Marcus Muhammad offered. “This is a tremendous loss on one hand, however, the great work that he has left and his example will raise up Muslims not only in Grand Rapids but throughout the nation,” he added.

Pastor Jerry Bishop leads the Life Quest Ministries, and for the last four and a half years, the Grand Rapids Study Group has met in Pastor Bishop’s building.

“Brother Robert Muhammad was an impeccable man, an impeccable community leader, an impeccable husband, father, he loved the Brother Minister (Farrakhan), he loved the Honorable Elijah Muhammad but most importantly he loved serving Allah (God), and as a community, the second largest city in the state, we’re considerably weaker now that Brother Muhammad is no longer on his post.”

Joe Jones of the Grand Rapids chapter of the National Urban League said Robert D. Muhammad was a man of high character and integrity who will be missed.

“He was a model of integrity and what it meant to be a man,” said Mr. Jones.

Minister Farrakhan’s assistant Ishmael Muhammad said he was thankful to Allah (God) for the work that was done by Student Minister Robert D. Muhammad and that over the next few days and weeks, he will be back to ensure that support is present for the members of the Nation of Islam in Grand Rapids as they continue the work, and for the family.

“I’m deeply saddened that we’ve lost such a good soldier and helper of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in our nation, and it was not only a loss for the nation but a lost for the city,” said Ishmael Muhammad. “As the Qur’an says that Allah does not waste the work of any worker, he would want the work that he was blessed to accomplish in this city to continue.”

Ishmael Muhammad also said people should take heed to the clear warning delivered by Minister Farrakhan and “should be looking, and watching, and listening for Allah’s (God’s) retribution if our brother was taken under some evil act of the enemy.”

    When St. Louis Murdered 200 Blacks, & What It Means to Ferguson

    By the NOI Research Group

    In Ferguson, Missouri, last week, the white producer of Don Lemon’s CNN news show was told by a National Guard soldier, “You want to get out of here because you’re white. Because these niggers, you know, you never know what they’re going to do.”

    You may never know what “niggers” will do, but we DO know ABSOLUTELY what whites HAVE DONE, and why we MUST heed the words of the Messenger of Allah, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad:

    “We need land wherein we can build our own society free from the tension, hatred and violence that have accompanied our race relationship with the white race of America. When you learn that the white man is not your brother, you will readily begin to see and accept the Divine Plan that Almighty Allah (God) has in the working for our people. Who has been our aggressors and murderers ever since we have been in America? Who, by nature, was made quick to shed blood — even his own?”

    As the troops descend upon Ferguson, Missouri, in a grotesque display of punitive white supremacy, let us never forget The Messenger’s words in light of what occurred a century ago less than 20 miles to the east of Missouri’s current militarized zone. One of the bloodiest incidents of white savagery ever seen in America has been wiped clean from nearly every American history book. It was uncovered and exposed by the Nation of Islam Research Group and published in The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews, Vol. 2.

    In 1917, whites of East St. Louis consumed themselves in an orgy of grisly racial violence that included random lynchings, stonings, shootings, rapes, amputations, human torchings, house burnings, iron-pipe beatings, and axe-murders, culminating in the killing of up to 200 Blacks, though the exact number may never be known. Rampaging whites destroyed $7 million in property ($85 million in today’s value), and 10,000 Blacks were believed to have fled from their homes. One arrested man was heard to say, “I’ve killed my share of niggers today. I have killed so many I am tired and somebody else can finish them.”

    Last week, Ferguson, Missouri Blacks were demonstrating against the wanton murder of an unarmed Black youth named Michael Brown. Police were caught on camera screaming, “Bring it! Bring it you f—ing animals!” That is not much different from the Star’s 1917 report that whites “stood around in groups, laughing and jeering while they witnessed the final writhings of the terror and pain-racked wretches who crawled to the streets to die after their flesh had been cooked in their own homes…”

    The savage massacre was the result of the economic conflict generated at the end of legalized slavery, when whites set about to systematically remove Blacks from the American workforce in order to replace them with immigrants from Europe. By any standard, this ethnic cleansing would be seen as identical to the Nazi policies of Adolf Hitler. American history books, however, remember this wicked activity as the “Labor Movement”—the mass campaign that gave us the Teamsters, the American Federation of Labor (AFofL), and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO), and many other unions that secured white working families economically but sentenced Blacks to everlasting poverty and perpetual unemployment.Gompers.Samuel.caption

    In East St. Louis in 1917, the trouble started because white business actually preferred Blacks, who were known to be highly skilled and dependable workers. The American Federation of Labor was then led by a conniving racist named Samuel Gompers, a Jew who proved as willing as any hooded Klansman or jack-booted Nazi to employ violence and murder to achieve his Aryan dream. He complained bitterly that the hiring of Blacks “has reached the point where drastic action must be taken…to get rid of [them].” And thus commenced an American massacre of Gaza-like proportions.

    As St. Louis cleared the bodies from the roads and ditches, the horrified former President Theodore Roosevelt condemned the horrifying white violence, which he said “was waged with such appalling fatality as to leave an indelible stigma upon the American name.” For his part, Samuel Gompers actually defended the murderers, pinning the blame on the business leaders of St. Louis, who, he said, had been “luring colored men into that city to supplant white labor.” Roosevelt then alluded to Gompers’ own heritage: “In the past I have had to listen too often to the same kind of apologies for the murders committed against the Armenians and the Jews….I say to you, sir, that there can be no justification, no apology for such gross atrocities…”

    The great Black scholar W.E.B. Du Bois investigated the East St. Louis massacre for the NAACP and declared that it was “engineered by Gompers and his Trade Unions.” He concluded, in striking harmony with The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that the massacre “brought the most unwilling of us to acknowledge that in the present Union movement, as represented by the AFofL, there is absolutely no hope of justice for an American of Negro descent.” The charge made by America’s leading Black intellectual and activist could not have been clearer: the most prominent and powerful Jew in America, Samuel Gompers, had “engineered” a massacre of scores of innocent Black men, women, and children. Indeed, there is no Ku Klux Klan leader or group of them who have ever been charged with committing that level of mass murder against Black Americans! As the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad would say, “Think about that.”

    Let us not miss the relevance of this 1917 incident to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, by policeman Darren Wilson. Even though the ex-president Roosevelt and the preeminent Black intellectual Du Bois agreed on the culpability of America’s most powerful union leader, Samuel Gompers never faced a single day in jail; he did not lose a day of work; he faced no official investigation for his central role in the mass murder of Black American citizens. And neither will Ferguson policeman Wilson be held responsible for his actions that ignited an international firestorm of protest.

    And that is no mistake; it is not a failure of leadership. Both Wilson and Gompers are stalwart pillars of American white supremacy, both of whom stepped up to take on the bloody responsibilities of white rulership. Gompers, as a high-level member of the ruling class, had to establish the racial hierarchy in the American labor market, ensuring that Blacks were firmly locked in plantation and maid service at the bottom levels of society. So adept was Gompers in this role that Jewish scholar Paul Berman described him as “The most accomplished and admirable Jew in American history.” An imposing monument dedicated to Gompers in the heart of Washington, DC, secures his official place in the shaping of white America.

    HT_darren_wilson_float_jef_140819_16x9_992And Ferguson policeman Wilson performed a vital function as the slave-catching enforcer of a policy that is as traditional and ingrained as the Fourth of July. His street-level role, which he performed with six deadly bullets from his government-issue revolver, was to secure the integrity of the pipeline that channels Black males into the prison labor system, as well as to destroy the troublesome and unruly Black excess—or “niggers” as Don Lemon’s National Guardsman would say. These two “incidents”—a century apart—are not anomalies; nor are they disconnected. They are as old as Herod’s order to kill all the boy babies (Matthew 2:16), and as new as the private prison contracts that require that states supply an annual quota of inmates.

    The America of Samuel Gompers is the America of Darren Wilson. Both are patriots of an alien civilization of Caucasians that has run its course and has finally earned the wrath of God Himself. The cheap propaganda of “post-racial advancement” and the false euphoria of Black presidential “progress” have been brutally repudiated by the events of recent days. Blacks are fast coming to understand The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, as he admonishes us, encourages us, and implores us “to get up from the feet of our 400-year oppressors, unite, pool our resources and do something for self.” That is pure wisdom. All that we see proves such wisdom to be truth!

    (Visit the Nation of Islam Research Group online at and join the conversation on and Twitter @ NOIResearch.)