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From The Final Call Newspaper

War, Warning and Divine Guidance
By Brian E. Muhammad, Staff Writer
- May 10, 2022

“And Allah would not chastise them while thou wast among them; nor would Allah chastise them while they seek forgiveness.”—Holy Qur’an 8:33

Europe will be the graveyard of White world powers as a result of war raging between Russia and Ukraine. The bloody battle in Eastern Europe will eventually draw America and Western European nations into conflict—then spread further, warned the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, of the Nation of Islam, in a recent message.

Fierce rhetoric from all sides and transfers of stronger war-ware to Ukraine by America and her allies also seem to foreshadow an all-out clash of nations, World War III or what is scripturally called Armageddon.

Analysts and observers agree that a world war involving America and Russia, the world’s number one and number two nuclear powers, poses an extreme danger

In words of warning and guidance given on May 2, Minister Farrakhan, the National Representative of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam, discussed the war, where it is headed, its dire consequences for the world, and what the peoples of the earth must do to avoid divine chastisement.

“The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me it will start with conventional weapons and quickly it will be nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons will make Europe a graveyard,” said Minister Farrakhan, referring to words spoken by his teacher, the Eternal Leader of the Nation of Islam. The Minister said further from his teacher that the resulting conflict will engulf the planet.

Minister Farrakhan spoke to thousands of listeners on the “Ramadan Prayer Line,” an annual conference call of Muslims globally held during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. He spoke on the Muslim Eid Al-Fitr holiday which marks the end of the 30-day fast.

In the same week, U.S. lawmakers pushed through the “Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022” which expands presidential powers to easily send armaments to Ukraine by relaxing certain requirements. The act permits the president to authorize America to lend or lease weaponry to Ukraine or Eastern European countries impacted by Russia’s invasion to bolster their defense capabilities.

The decision came a week after U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin openly pronounced a U.S. desire to “weaken” Russia to “the degree that it can’t do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine.” Mr. Austin’s statement was widely seen as America going from just supporting Ukraine to targeting Russia.

The verbal escalation might be regarded as rhetorical chest-bumping if America and Russia were not holders of 90 percent of the world’s nuclear stockpiles. America was the first country to manufacture nuclear weapons. She is the only country to have used nuclear weapons in conflict with the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan during World War II. The bombings instantly killed tens of thousands of people and tens of thousands later died from radiation poisoning.

Many see the Russia-Ukraine conflict as a covert war between Russia and America with Western European support for Ukraine. “NATO, in essence, is engaged in a war with Russia through a proxy and is arming that proxy. War means war,” foreign minister Sergey Lavrov told Russian state media. He made the remarks as NATO’s defense ministers gathered April 26 in Germany for U.S.-hosted talks about strengthening support for Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the invasion, President Joe Biden has vowed America will not send troops into Ukraine. But America and her Western European allies appear to be going in deeper as war drags on. Reports surfaced that besides massive shipments of military hardware and advanced weaponry, the Biden administration has provided intelligence to Ukraine. That information allegedly allowed for targeted killings of Russian generals and the April sinking of a Russian missile cruiser in the Black Sea. Since the start of the war, some 15 Russian generals have been killed, according to published reports.

A Pentagon spokesman denied the U.S. provided intel on the Russian military officials killed, adding that America shared intelligence about the warship’s location before the strike and denied any direct role in the strike.

“Ukraine combines information that we and other partners provide with the intel that they themselves are gathering and then they make their own decisions, and they take their own actions,” said military spokesman John Kirby.

War, death and divine destruction

Thousands of people have been killed, and millions more displaced in a war that has leveled entire Ukrainian cities. The upheaval is raging at a time when White power worldwide is imploding, and divine judgment of the world and America is happening.

In his pivotal book, “Message To the Black Man,” the Hon. Elijah Muhammad detailed the global dilemma.

“There is no doubt in anyone’s mind today that the condition of the nations is such that needs a ruler who is not involved in the present world of corruption to bring about peace and good will among the people of the earth,” wrote Mr. Muhammad.

Peace cannot happen for those seeking peace until the peace breakers have been removed from authority and their activities of mischief making, causing bloodshed, grief, sorrow and trouble among peace-loving nations have stopped, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad warned.

In this photo taken from video and released by the Russian Defense Ministry Press Service on Friday, Feb. 4, 2022, multiple rocket launchers fire during the Belarusian and Russian joint military drills at Brestsky firing range, Belarus. Russian and Belarus troops held joint combat training at firing ranges in Belarus. The drills involved motorized rifle, artillery and anti-tank missile units, as well tanks and armored personnel carriers crews. (Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP)

“There is not a civilized government of people at this writing that is not in trouble and trying to find a solution to the cause. All the nations of the earth are so corrupt with other than good that they cannot come to any agreement on peace with each other, then carry it into practice,” he wrote.

The scriptures read: “Proclaim you among the Gentiles, prepare war, wake up the mighty men, let all of the men of war draw near, let them come up.” (Joel 3:9).

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad explained the ultimate war is between the evil proponents of falsehood and the purveyors of truth led by God. He wrote that all the mighty men of science and modern warfare have been called in to devise instruments and weapons against God Himself, who he taught was Master Fard Muhammad, the Messiah of the Christians, the Mahdi of the Muslims, and his teacher.

“The nations of the earth are angry,” the Hon. Elijah Muhammad observed.

As the carnage of war grows, America will reinstate the draft, calling people to report in and fight, Min. Farrakhan said. Reject that call, the Minister declared. The struggle for Blacks is in America for justice and freedom, not foreign battlefields, he said. Elijah Muhammad said when America is drawn in the war, she will send her troops by the tens of thousands to fight but return by the fives and the tens, Min. Farrakhan added.

In 1942 Elijah Muhammad was falsely accused of sedition and draft evasion. Though beyond the age requirement for the draft he was wrongly sent to federal prison. He was against Blacks participating in World War II while America refused to give justice to her once slaves.

Members of Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Forces, volunteer military units of the Armed Forces, train in a city park in Kyiv, Ukraine, Jan. 22, 2022. French President Emmanuel Macron is pushing for dialogue with Russia, despite signs pointing to a potential war amid escalating tensions surrounding Ukraine. It’s part of France’s post-World War II tradition of carving out its own geopolitical path. Macron is to talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday morning. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky, File)

Point Number 10 of a platform he presented, “What the Muslims Want/What the Muslim Believe” and published on the back page of The Final Call, explains the anti-war position of the Nation of Islam: “We believe that we who declare ourselves to be righteous Muslims should not participate in wars which take the lives of humans. We do not believe this nation should force us to take part in such wars, for we have nothing to gain from it unless America agrees to give us the necessary territory where-in we may have something to fight for.”

Minister Farrakhan echoed the point during his Eid remarks. He reminded listeners of how heavyweight champion boxer Muhammad Ali, then a follower of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, refused to fight in the Vietnam War. In a message earlier this year, “The Swan Song,” the Minister said while he would be 90 years old by the time the draft call is made, he expects the U.S. government to arrest him for telling Blacks not to fight.

While the president has vowed not to send U.S. troops into Europe, it may not be that easy. Advocacy and sympathy for Ukraine is widely publicized and encouraged—as is news of destruction, death and alleged atrocities committed against civilians and children.

Min. Farrakhan asked, how can the United States stay out of the war when the American people are being bombarded with pictures of the devastation and the suffering of Ukrainians beamed into their homes? Images and stories of alleged rapes, brutality and mayhem in Ukraine have dominated U.S. media since the Feb. 24 Russian attack on its neighbor.

An April 21 report by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research showed 54 percent of Americans polled felt Mr. Biden was “not tough enough” in his response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Thirty-six percent of respondents felt his approach has been just about right, while eight percent said he was too tough.

America boosted preparation for war and destruction as did other nations before Russia’s invasion. Mr. Biden’s 2023 budget sought $773 billion for the Pentagon, an annual increase of about four percent.

Globally, total military spending rose to more than $2 trillion for the first time in 2021, according to an April report from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Russia ranked fifth, as its spending on weapons increased ahead of its invasion of Ukraine.

Minister Farrakhan told the listeners on the Ramadan Prayer Line that war will also engulf the Middle East. Although his words were delivered on the Muslim holiday of Eid, “there’s no ever-recurring happiness among us,” he said. “This will turn to gloom as war overtakes the Middle East,” Minister Farrakhan warned.

War in the region is rooted in hostility and divisions between Sunni and Shiite Muslims aggravated by outside “poison mischief makers,” notably the United States, encouraging Muslims to shed the blood of Muslims, he said.

America sells the latest bombers and instruments of warfare to Arab Sunni Muslims with the aim of killing their Shiite Muslim foes based in Tehran, Iran, and the Shia Muslims allied with Iran appear willing to kill their Muslim brothers on the other side, Min. Farrakhan observed.

The predominate Sunni Gulf nations led primarily by Saudi Arabia are allies of America and political rivals of Iran for regional power and influence.

America is the top exporter of arms worldwide.

Saudi Arabia is America’s top customer for global arms transfers and the Middle East accounts for 43 percent of U.S. arms transfers.

But Elijah Muhammad said America is coming out of the Middle East and when she leaves, there will be “plenty” of bloodshed, warned Min. Farrakhan.

China, the second most powerful world economy and a growing military power, will unite with Japan, he said, citing the Hon. Elijah Muhammad.

And, Min. Farrakhan said, China, like Russia and North Korea, is building forces of death and destruction. Like in the Middle East, Europeans will have to leave Asia and return to Europe, including leaving Australia and New Zealand, the Minister continued.

Elijah Muhammad said America’s Sixth Fleet and Seventh Fleet will be destroyed by the forces of nature, Min. Farrakhan said. The forces of nature are weapons God will use against the current world powers, according to the Teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad.

In somber terms, Min. Farrakhan also talked about wretched spiritual conditions, rebellion against God’s commands and divine judgment and wrath that has begun. He called for repentance to avoid ongoing divine chastisement.

Unusually brutal weather sweeping America and parts of the earth is an indicator of God’s displeasure and anger over the iniquitous actions of the people that are now “unbearable to Allah,” the Minister warned.

“The God of Justice is angry! And His anger is going to be poured out now over the nations, and the earth will be a wide expanse with much room in it because death is going to be widespread,” said Minister Farrakhan.

[Correction: In Final Call Volume 41 No. 31, part of the cover story and center article should have quoted Min. Farrakhan saying, “The Messenger, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, told me, ‘watch Berlin.’ Now there are hundreds of thousands of Americans back in Germany because war will be in Europe. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me it will start with conventional weapons and quickly it would be nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons will make Europe a graveyard, he said.”]

From The Final Call Newspaper

The Power of Satan Must Be Broken
By Brian E. Muhammad, Staff Writer
- May 3, 2022

White World Conflict War in Europe Hastens End of White Rule

White world power is clashing against itself in the Russia-Ukraine conflict in Eastern Europe. The months-long war has descended into threats of a wider and much longer lasting catastrophe.

Hawkish rhetoric by America, her Western European allies, Ukraine and Russia has intensified—and so has the likelihood of greater conflict.

“We’re in a very dangerous spot,” said Eugene Puryear, activist, and host of BreakThrough News Podcast. “It seems that the only people talking about peace now at this point … are those of us around the world who would like to not have a nuclear war,” he said. America’s posture, in particular, has shifted into even more all-out war scenario, with billions more dollars in weapons being shipped to Ukraine, noted Mr. Puryear.

U.S. lawmakers pledged in late April to move fast on a plan to send $33 billion to help Kyiv keep fighting. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, on CBS News Face the Nation, spoke of his congressional resolution that authorizes the president to use military force in Ukraine. It’s “giving the president basically congressional leverage or permission to use it if WMDs—nuclear, biological or chemical—are used in Ukraine. Doesn’t compel the president to do it. It just says if it is used, he has that leverage,” the Illinois Republican said May 1. WMDs is the abbreviation for weapons of mass destruction

But beyond the geopolitical and military analysis, the tumultuous fighting between White World powers raging in Eastern Europe must be understood in the light of scriptures. According to the writings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Eternal Leader of the Nation of Islam, the world rule of Caucasian people, in particular, is facing divine judgment. He described it as a time of an “old world going out and a new world coming in,” driven by the presence of God.

The present world, ruled by Caucasian people, has been judged and condemned by God Himself and war will be one means of its destruction, Mr. Muhammad taught. Judgement has come because the rule of White people has been deadly and destructive, notably with the killing of the indigenous people of America and the horrors and genocide of the transatlantic slave trade. Not to mention, evil, oppression and widespread slaughter of the darker people of the earth.

“The troublemakers must be punished and brought to an end so they will never be able to give trouble anymore. Many shall suffer because of the corruption that this world has brought and is bringing upon innocent people,” warned Messenger Muhammad in his writings.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan repeated and explained his Teacher’s warning May 2 in Eid holiday remarks as the holy month of Ramadan drew to a close for Muslims. He again shared how the war in Ukraine would have devastating results for America, Russia and usher in widespread sorrow.

“Nearly fifty days ago Russia attacked the Ukraine. For the first time as I can recall reporters were embedded into the areas of war. Death and destruction has been recorded and shown on television to the American people,” said the Minister speaking over the Ramadan Prayerline.


“I don’t know any war that America has had that has had the type of publishing where we could see the devastation of war, bodies in the streets,” he continued. Along with that are media reports of alleged Russian atrocities, rapes, and families separated as men fight for Ukraine, said the Minister.

“And this war has been brought into our living room where we can sit and see and watch death and destruction visited upon the people of Ukraine. How then can America stay out of a war when the American people are feeling the pain of the Ukrainian people suffering in their cities and sheltered from the bombs and rockets that are falling on them?” asked Min. Farrakhan.

He repeated his Saviours’ Day 2022 warning from February about the U.S. being drawn into the war and a wider world facing the wrath of God Himself. “Wherever we are in the Muslim world rejoicing over the success of our Ramadan yet the clouds of war are gathering over the Muslim world. We are being chastised, and the opening of the serious chastisement of the human family has begun,” warned Min. Farrakhan.

“I have been made a trumpet of warning and good news to our people and to the nation by the permission of Allah (God),” he continued.

“Russia and America eventually will go to war. War will affect the entire planet,” said Min. Farrakhan.

“The Messenger, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, told me, ‘watch Berlin.’ Now there are hundreds of thousands of Americans backing Germany because war will be in Europe. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me it will start with conventional weapons and quickly it would be nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons will make Europe a graveyard,” he said.

“America you’re not going to have a good day,” Min. Farrakhan added.

We will reap evil, the Minister warned, “if we do not repent of our evil in time because the chastisement is getting worse and worse and the great calamity is on its way.”

More Russian threats of nuclear weapons

Vladimir Putin told lawmakers in St. Petersburg April 26 the West wanted to break Russia into pieces and pushed Ukraine into conflict with Moscow. He vowed Russia’s “retaliatory strikes will be lightning fast.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke of “real” possibility of World War III erupting and limited nuclear weapons use. “I think what Foreign Minister Lavrov said about how we are on the precipice of World War III is sadly not hyperbole. It really does feel that there is a lot of realism to that statement,” said Mr. Puryear.

Russian energy giant Gazprom’s halting of natural gas flow to NATO members Poland and Bulgaria added to harsh words and intensifying conflict. In March, President Putin required “unfriendly” countries pay for fuel in Russian rubles. The policy obligated countries to open a special account allowing Gazprom to convert euros and dollars to rubles for payment.

Stopping the gas flow in late April was condemned by European leaders as “blackmail,” and marked a dramatic escalation in the economic war of sanctions and countersanctions. At Final Call presstime chinks in the armor of European unity were showing. Four unnamed European natural gas buyers bucked the EU and paid Russia in rubles for supplies, Bloomberg reported. Europe receives 40 percent of its natural gas from Russia and makes about $880 billion in annual payments.

In this image provided by the U.S. Air Force, Airmen and civilians from the 436th Aerial Port Squadron palletize ammunition, weapons and other equipment bound for Ukraine during a foreign military sales mission at Dover Air Force Base, Del., on Jan. 21, 2022. Since 2014, the U.S. has committed more than $5.4 billion in total assistance to Ukraine, including security and non-security assistance.(Mauricio Campino/U.S. Air Force via AP)

Despite appeals by various stakeholders, including the United Nations, various anti-war groups and human rights organizations to end the war, destruction, mayhem, and bloodletting was rising.

“They’re operating under the flawed assumption that they can force the Russians into backing down. That Putin and the Russian Federation are not serious about taking this to the brink,” said Ajamu Baraka, national organizer for Black Alliance for Peace. “And therefore, in typical White male fashion, they are pushing this to a point where they’re going to stumble into a direct confrontation. And that’s going to be tragic for the U.S. and for the entire world,” he said.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ratcheted up war talk April 25 by saying the U.S. desired to “weaken” Russia. “We want to see Russia weakened to the degree that it can’t do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine,” Mr. Austin said arriving back in the U.S. from Kyiv with Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

In February 27 remarks during a Chicago message called “The Swan Song,” Min. Farrakhan said, “All White power has to end. The kingdom of God has to be established.” “The Messenger said Europe will be one of the worst war areas of all the world,” the Minister said referring to his teacher, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. “And when you start going away, the Messenger said, ‘you go away by the tens of thousands to fight.’ He said, ‘but you’ll come back by the fives and tens.’ ”

“You can’t win another war,” Min. Farrakhan said.

America is first on God’s list to be destroyed as an example for her counterparts in Europe, Elijah Muhammad said. America ignored the cries for justice from Black, Brown, and indigenous people whom she had enslaved, subjugated, oppressed and murdered for nearly five centuries.

“Did you think that you can kill off millions of Native Americans? Did you think you can take a nation out of Africa and do what America has done and it’s continuing to do?” the Minister asked. “If you continue to do what you do, your time is up.

In this image released by Ukrainian Defense Ministry Press Service, Ukrainian soldiers use a launcher with US Javelin missiles during military exercises in Donetsk region, Ukraine, Thursday, Dec. 23, 2021. (Ukrainian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP)

“God would not be just to allow America to escape for what America has done. Not only to us and to the Mexicans and to the Indians, but to people around the world,” the Muslim leader said.

Elijah Muhammad explained in his pivotal book, “The Fall of America,” how America and Russia, the two most powerful warmongers in the world, are seeking to maintain their rule over the nations of earth, and even to conquer outer space.

“This will not last long. In their travel and investigation into space, Allah, (God), is permitting them to peep into His great, unequalled creation of power and might, the heavens and earth. The Holy Qur’an teaches that when Allah, (God), gets ready to destroy a people He opens the doors of heaven to them,” said Messenger Muhammad. “He gives them a peep into His great wisdom and secrets. But this does not mean that this adds power to the enemy to be able to war against the Creator. The reason for all of this is due to the fact that Allah, (God), is setting up a kingdom of righteousness, freedom, justice and equality.”

From The Final Call Newspaper

“Fear today. Famine tomorrow!

By Brian E. Muhammad, Staff Writer
- April 25, 2022

Famine, chaos looms as Russia-Ukraine war fallout spreads

“And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.”

—Matthew, 24: 6-7

The devastation of Russia’s war on Ukraine and the response of American and NATO-backed allies extends far from the battlefield in Eastern Europe. The reverberation of the conflict is felt in the distant lands of Africa, the Middle East and, in other projections, North America.

Several long months of fighting has meant death, bloodshed, destruction of cities, forced migration, and displacement of millions of people. But added to these costs of war is the threat of food insecurity and fears of famine in other parts of the world, especially in Africa and the Middle East, where millions are already facing food insecurity. Not to mention, increased hunger and need for food support in the United States.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres briefs reporters on the war in Ukraine. Photo: UN Photo/Mark Garten

Together Russia and Ukraine account for a quarter of the world’s exports of wheat and grain. Russia is the largest exporter of wheat in the world, producing around 33 million tons per year. Ukraine supplies 20 million tons of wheat to the world market.

“After weeks of conflict, however, many agricultural fields across Ukraine have been turned into battlefields,” said Tomson Phiri, global spokesman for the World Food Program (WFP).

Mr. Phiri said hikes in food and oil prices are driving up the WPF operational costs to $71 million a month, reducing its ability to serve those in need. He lamented this comes at a time when the world is experiencing a year of unprecedented hunger. “So how can Ukrainians keep farming and how can they get their food to the rest of the world?” Mr. Phiri asked.

There is a wider story of the Russia and Ukraine war: Hunger and suffering in poorer nations like Somalia, Ethiopia, Yemen, and Lebanon.

Part of the challenge of harvesting during an active war is the strain on the supply system, which means problems getting grain products to the global market.

Seeds for the world’s food cannot be planted or harvested from the rich black earth in Ukraine while land mines are planted for war and destruction. Nor can seeds be planted while farmers are pre-occupied fighting for their country.
Men walk along a street filled with destroyed Russian military vehicles near Chernihiv, Ukraine, April 17. Witnesses said multiple explosions believed to be caused by missiles struck the western Ukrainian city of Lviv as the country was bracing for an all-out Russian assault in the east. AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka

This couldn’t have come at a worse time. In countries such as Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Syria and Yemen, food prices are reaching record highs. The number of people who are food insecure is soaring. Need for food had already surpassed available resources before the war, and now buying and transporting food has become a lot more expensive.

The African adage “when elephants fight, only the grass suffers” describes the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on Africa and the Middle East. Russia and Ukraine are substantial breadbaskets for world nations. When the basket is disrupted, the consequence is desperation, hunger, and political problems as seen in Sudan, which has had mass uprisings against the military government over increased freedoms and the price of bread.

It’s hard to pinpoint the war’s exact toll because the conflict started amid other calamities, including a series of droughts in different parts of the world that had pushed food prices to record levels. The conflict also comes while nations and people are still reeling from the economic fallout of the two-year-old Covid-19 pandemic.

Before Russia invaded Ukraine, 44 million people in 38 countries were on the threshold of starvation, according to the United Nations. The UN estimates the war will increase this figure by eight to 13 million people or more, mostly in North Africa and the Middle East.

Egypt’s prime minister fixed bread prices, Bangladesh launched a nationwide food subsidy program, and consumers in Indonesia noticed a favorite instant noodle dish went out of stock, according to an NPR report on the Ukraine war’s impact. In Lebanon, families have begun selling belongings for money to buy food. Maya Terro, founder of FoodBlessed Lebanon, told NPR the country had experienced increased demand and some food prices in Lebanon had increased by 1,000 percent as 80 percent of its wheat comes from Ukraine.

Local residents fill their bottles with water they draw from a public fountain in Bucha, on the outskirts of Kyiv, on April 18. Citizens of Bucha are still without electricity, water and gas after more than 43 days since the Russian invasion began. AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti

According to an April 8 report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, a global “food price index” has spiked at 12.6 percent—marking its highest level since the UN implemented the index in 1990.

The price of vegetable oils increased by 23 percent in March, wheat prices by 20 percent and maize 19.1 percent. The report said this April’s increase indicates a rise in world prices of wheat and coarse grains largely driven by conflict-related export disruptions in Ukraine and, to a lesser extent, in Russia. The unexpected loss of exports from the Black Sea region exacerbated the already tight global availability of wheat.

The Black Sea region is the exit point of commodities to the world market; however, it is widely stalled due to the war. Preliminary UN estimates say Ukraine has lost 20 percent to 30 percent of its acreage and exports due to the war so far.

Along with the war there is also frustration aimed at how Ukraine as a White European nation in turmoil has become prioritized at the expense of non-White nations also in crisis.

“I don’t know if the world really gives equal attention to Black and White lives,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of the World Health Organization.

Ukraine’s crisis deserves attention as “it impacts the whole world,” Mr. Ghebreyesus agreed. “But even a fraction of it isn’t being given to Tigray [in Ethiopia], Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria and the rest. A fraction,” he said.

“I need to be blunt and honest that the world is not treating the human race the same way. Some are more equal than others,” he said. “It is difficult to accept … but it’s happening,” the director-general said in remarks during a virtual press briefing on Covid-19, Ukraine, and other global issues.

Local civilians line up to get a hot meals distributed by Donetsk People Republic Emergency Situations Ministry in an area controlled by Russian-backed separatist forces in Bezimenne village, eastern Ukraine, April 20. AP Photo/Alexei Alexandrov

Many countries with ongoing strife and in critical danger of famine, like some Horn of Africa nations, are not getting much interest. The cost of a food basket has already risen, particularly in Ethiopia and Somalia, which depend heavily on wheat imports coming from countries in the Black Sea region. In addition, the domino effect of soaring fuel costs adds more pressure on people.

But experts say where support is available, calamity can be prevented.

“We know from past experience that acting early to avert a humanitarian catastrophe is vital, yet our ability to launch the response has been limited due to a lack of funding to date,” said Michael Dunford, regional director for Eastern Africa at the World Food Program.

With the advent of humanitarian crises in Eastern Europe, some donor sources are redirecting their support from already suffering areas to Ukraine.

Up to 20 million people could go hungry this year as delayed rains worsen extreme drought in the Horn of Africa region amid the shortfall in humanitarian aid, warned the WFP.

“Time is fast running out,” the UN agency said in April, with Somalia facing “the very real risk of famine” in the coming six months.

Meanwhile, an estimated 7.2 million Ethiopians are already not getting enough to eat, and half a million Kenyans are just a step away from catastrophic levels of hunger and malnutrition.

“We believe that the Ukraine crisis has indeed taken some of the luster from the needs of the Horn of Africa region,” said Dr. Chimimba David Phiri, the subregional coordinator at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. “It is important for the world that while they are considering the needs of Ukraine, that they also consider the needs for the Horn of Africa.”

The words “No Money for Murderers, Stop the Oil and Gas Trade” are projected by activists onto the Russian consulate in Frankfurt, Germany, April 4. AP Photo/Michael Probst

Dr. Phiri told journalists in Geneva that besides drought, the region has also been afflicted with conflict, insecurity and desert locusts.

While America and Western powers pour billions of dollars into funding war in Ukraine, their messy fallout of two decades of destruction in Afghanistan is that 95 percent of Afghans do not have enough to eat, and nine million Afghans face famine. UNICEF estimates that a million severely malnourished children are on the verge of death.

“Without immediate action, we face a starvation and malnutrition crisis in Afghanistan,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said April 21 while appealing for aid.

He warned the international community must find ways to spare the Afghan people from suffering because the U.S. decided to end support for Afghanistan as a way of punishing the Taliban government. These actions have frozen nearly $9 billion in Afghan assets overseas, primarily in America.

“The difficulty here is Ukraine grows enough food to feed 400 million people on planet Earth,” David Beasley, executive director of the United Nations World Food Program, told a podcast for Radio Davos, reported

“So when the farmers on the battlefields aren’t planting or aren’t harvesting, what impact do you think that’s going to have?” he asked.

“Forget the geopolitical ramifications for a moment. The waves of tectonic economic instability unleashed by the Ukraine conflict have shocked and caught the global commentariat of politicians, central bankers, economists and investment analysts off guard,” Bill Blain, strategist at Shard Capital, said in emailed comments on April 21, reported CNBC.

“Inflation from agribusinesses, energy and supply chains is spinning unchecked—and, like a nuclear reaction, they are triggering a host of follow up consequences. It feels a little bit Chernobyl—the reactor is going critical! Our cozy assumptions about how the interconnected globalized economy was supposed to work are being rocked to the core,” he added, according to

Hunger is also not limited to countries abroad; it’s rising inside of the United States. Feeding America, a national network of groups fighting hunger, warned “around 85 percent of the 200 food bank network, report seeing demand for food assistance increase or stay the same for February compared to the previous month, about a 20 percent increase from the previous survey.”

“With emergency declarations ending across the nation, those additional pandemic-related benefit allotments are expiring state by state, and another hunger crisis is looming,” said Feeding America. “While the pandemic appears to be receding for the time being, Feeding America expects that demand for food assistance will remain elevated and may grow as people’s expanded assistance goes away.”

A view of Evonik chemical plant, in Wesseling, near Cologne, Germany, Wednesday, April 6, 2022. Germany’s employers and trade unions have joined together in opposing an immediate European Union ban on natural gas imports from Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. They say a ban on Russian gas would lead to factory shutdowns and the loss of jobs in Germany, the bloc’s biggest economy. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner, File)

The group warned that as food assistance offered because of the Covid crisis ends, Americans will lose critical help. “For participants who qualify for the minimum SNAP benefits, their monthly allotments will plunge from $250 to a mere $20,” said Feeding America.

As the threat of famine and death hovers over the world’s poorest countries, White world rule is also plummeting on account of its iniquity and responsibility for the world’s condition.

In the scriptures warning is given that what the evil have done to others, so shall it be done unto evil doers. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam has warned America that her warmongering and attempts to dominate the nations of the earth will not be successful. He has repeated the warning of his Divine Teacher, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that what is being witnessed in faraway lands will come to the shores of America.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict impacts the nations of the Earth, and the U.S. will be drawn into the conflict, Min. Farrakhan warned during his Saviours’ Day 2022 message, “The Swan Song,” delivered earlier this year. The Minister said the chastisement and judgment of Allah (God) has begun based on events unfolding around the world. His Teacher, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, taught that America is number one on Allah’s (God’s) list to destroy due to her wickedness against the Black man and woman and darker people of the planet.

All White power must end so that the kingdom of God must be established, and America must reap what she has sown on the world stage, said Min. Farrakhan during “The Swan Song.”

This wickedness includes evil plans yesterday and today including depopulation control and much more.

On several occasions, Minister Farrakhan has referred to National Security Study Memorandum (“NSSM”) 200 titled: “Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests” and “The Global 2000 Report to The President,” which detailed using food as a “weapon” to depopulate the Third World. The memo, which became U.S. policy, was written by Henry Kissinger, former secretary of state and national security advisor.

The memorandums proposed global depopulation of the darker peoples of the world. Mr. Kissinger argued “de-population should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.”

The Minister has explained how this strategy was aimed at cutting the earth’s population. “This was taken like a ‘theater of war’! And all factions of government were introduced to this to develop plans, and activate plans internationally, to cull between two-three billion people from the face of the Earth!” Minister Farrakhan said in Part 36 of his “Time and What Must Be Done” lecture series in 2013.

“I’m sorry to tell you: They are planning death on a worldwide scale. They have used a series of methods to affect ‘Global De-Population,’ such as depleted uranium bombs, genetically modified foods, chemical additives in foods, poison in vaccines, famine, AIDS, chemtrails, and illegal wars,” Minister Farrakhan said.

However, as the scriptures also warn: these evil powers will taste the bitter fruit of their iniquity.

“This Plan for ‘culling the population” is not only in the “Third World,’ but it comes right back home to the United States of America,” said Minister Farrakhan.

(Final Call staff contributed to this report.)