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The Covid-19 Vaccine and the U.S. policy of depopulation

By Ava Muhammad, Student National Spokesperson of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
- December 8, 2020

Woman afraid of Microscopic real 3D model of the corona virus COVID-19. The image is a scientific interpretation of the virus with all relevant details : Spike Glycoproteins, Hemagglutinin-esterase, E- and M-Proteins and Envelope.

Part I of a series on the Covid-19 vaccine 

“We will not accept your vaccine so you can slow down, because whenever you bring it out, it’s for your people. You give it to them because we are not accepting death. You are the very representative of death itself: the pale horse. Everywhere you have gone in the world, hell went right behind you. We are sick of hell and we are sick of death. So all of you that have made a covenant with death, your covenant is going to be annulled … your agreement with hell will be broken.”—The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

In addition to the above words lifted from the Criterion on July 4, 2020, Minister Farrakhan said it would be a declaration of war on all of us if the government tried to physically force us to take the vaccine. Within days after he spoke, the U.S. government completely changed its strategy for getting the country to take the Covid-19 vaccination. It pivoted from threats to persuasion, using Black medical and health care professionals, politicians, educators and clergy members to urge our people to act in opposition to Divine Commandments from Allah (God).

Now that the vaccines are ready, an elevated level of fear of the pandemic has been created to make the people believe they must have the vaccine. Stoking fear and ignorance, various methods have been intensified, not the least of which is monopolization of perception through a 24-hour news cycle, censoring dissenting views and creating a barren environment by prolonging or returning to isolation, closed schools, closed religious institutions, limiting exposure to fresh air and insisting that people stay away from their own families. All of this is being advanced on a claim of scientific and medical authority.

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