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    The Louis Farrakhan- Alex Jones Interview: A Search For Truth And Opening A Dialogue?

    By Richard B. Muhammad - Editor | Last updated: Jan 21, 2016 - 11:43:16 AM

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    Min. Farrakhan and Alex Jones at the Minister’s home in Phoenix. Photo: Richard B. Muhammad
    PHOENIX—When a message needs to reach an audience, the basic question is what vehicle can carry the message? When the messenger is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the audience is White America, the audience desired and vehicle chosen might at first seem strange.

    But with Americans dissatisfied with government, rising racial hostility, simmering anger, fear and rising conservatism, what’s needed is a microphone manned by someone who taps that audience.

    And in that equation, Alex Jones of becomes perhaps a proper vehicle. Often called America’s leading conspiracy theorist and a self-described Libertarian, Mr. Jones speaks to millions each week and is seen by many Whites as an alternative to mainstream media and someone who speaks his mind—whether others agree or not.

    Last year Mr. Jones put out a video asking questions about statements attributed to Min. Farrakhan following a speech in Miami and asking for an interview. Passionately speaking Min. Farrakhan had declared that if the federal government would not intercede as Blacks are slaughtered in the streets, Blacks would eventually be forced to stalk and kill their murderers.

    Right-wing and other media went insane declaring that Minister Farrakhan had called for 10,000 Blacks to stalk and kill White people.

    Months after the request and almost four months after the highly successful Justice Or Else! gathering in Washington, D.C., which some estimates say drew 800,000 to 1.5 million people to the National Mall, the Minister and Mr. Jones sat down for a 90-minute interview and opened a dialogue.

    When Mr. Jones asked why he agreed to the interview, the Minister explained there is value to “the idea of dialogue, truthful dialogue, that gets us past the media manipulation of persons, events, and the truths of persons and events.”

    “I’ve been talking to Black people for 60 or more years and Black people understand me pretty well. But White people don’t know me and may not understand me,” he said. “Now, Black people I know because I’m Black and I come up from among my people. But to have a chance now to speak to a White audience, mainly who may be conservative in their culture, thoughts and desires, and for me to be able to represent the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to that group and answer questions that they are interested in hearing a truthful answer to.”

    In the highly respectful exchange between Mr. Jones and Min. Farrakhan, prompted by questions from the interviewer, the subjects of conspiracy, the shadow government ruling America, the country’s future, God’s special desire and plan to use Black people to build a new reality, abortion, U.S. policy in the Middle East, presidential politics and Donald Trump and God’s judgement against America were some of the topics covered.

    “We’re two people that live in the greatest nation on this earth but the nation is not now what it could be if truth unfettered would be given to the American people and perhaps through this dialogue that might happen,” said Min. Farrakhan early in the interview Jan. 4 at the home of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in Phoenix.
    Alex Jones, host of, sits with Min. Farrakhan. Photo: Richard B. Muhammad

    The interview was fraught with warnings about the tenor of American politics and how if it degenerates it diminishes America’s stature, and a clear warning from the Minister that no political hopeful will be successful unless the candidate deals forthrightly with justice for Blacks in America and the indigenous people of this nation.

    “The one thing that’s missing in the dialogue, even with Mr. Trump, nobody’s talking about the future of Black people, the future of the Indigenous, the Native Americans. This country, the original sin of America, is the destruction over 120 million native people,” said Min. Farrakhan.

    “Millions of us were brought out of Africa, not to be citizens but to be made burden bearers of the real citizens. So our sweat and our blood made America rich so that immigrants could come over and find the American dream on our nightmare.

    “So if Mr. Trump, and I believe he’s bold enough, if he knew how much God is interested in the future of Black people; not that (God’s) not interested in the future of ‘all people,’ but he’s interested in the future of Black people for this reason. … Black people, no matter what we have suffered up to this very moment, we have never been spies for any foreign government against America. We have never risen up as a force against the tyranny that has been imposed on us by our government. We have fought in every war from the Revolutionary War all the way up to the last war that there was in the Gulf.

    “We have a heart, Mr. Jones, of forgiveness. A heart that today we can love those who have done us so much evil. So God wants to use us,” he said.

    But Min. Farrakhan added, citing the words of his teacher, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, America is under divine judgment wracked by unusual weather destroying lives and property. The United States is reaping what she has sown for the murder and oppression of Blacks and the indigenous people and God himself is punishing America, he said.

    The weather will continue to get worse and this is a dangerous time, the Minister added.
    Then there was discussion of the impact of U.S. foreign policy, especially in the Middle East, which could bring America to total destruction by triggering a final global war if a “President Trump” decides to engage in “thuggish” behavior and take Iraq’s oil as promised in campaign speeches or if America goes toe-to-toe with ISIS.

    “It’s a horrible war that my teacher taught us of and I got to say my teacher again is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I believe him to be a messenger of God. I believe that God raised him as a warner to America,” said Min. Farrakhan.

    Stealing resources and Middle East regime change are right out of the playbook of the neo-cons who surrounded President G.W. Bush and almost brought the country to ruin and neo-cons who surround President Obama as a conflict between U.S. ally Saudi Arabia and U.S. opponent Iran simmers, he said. “This thing is leading to great war now and America, ISIS says, ‘come on over.’ And America says, ‘We got to put boots on the ground.’ No, you’ll put boots under the ground if you’re foolish to jump into that fray. Because the number one tyrant is not Russia, the number one tyrant is right here. So everything is moving to bring this house down and what’s happening is it’s coming down from within like ancient Rome and Babylon but war will bring it to an end,” warned Min. Farrakhan.

    The Minister agreed with Mr. Jones that an evil and powerful minority is trying to drive humanity to the brink, regardless of race or religion and looks to create, foment, exploit and benefit from conflict and strife. These “globalists” are only loyal to themselves and have people fighting one another while they claim everything, argued Mr. Jones.

    Mr. Jones has major detractors for criticism of the Black Lives Matter Movement and when a heavily armed group of Whites came to Ferguson, Mo., last summer, some carrying AR-15 rifles, they said they came to protect an reporter. Many also take exception to Mr. Jones vehement attacks on President Obama and accuse him of right-wing racism. Some feel content he airs stirs the racial pot.

    Mr. Jones insisted the only racism he has seen expressed against Blacks has come from liberals and Whites and Blacks in politics who don’t want the Black masses.

    “And if you want to know where the White devils are, Minister Louis Farrakhan, I can tell you right now they run the Democratic Party, 100 percent, and they’ve got Black people in their web murdering your people and they love it and they think that people don’t see them. Well, I see them I know who they are and I don’t care what color a baby is. My soul won’t allow me to hate somebody because of what color they are because I know I’ll be destroyed if I ever go that direction. And so that’s why I stand and that’s why I wanted to have this meeting with you because you already tell people a lot of great things; and I know you reach tens of millions,” said Mr. Jones.

    He asked the Minister if it was possible to overcome the “tribal” differences that seem to dominate humanity.

    “I see myself subconsciously using race, using race, using Balkanization, even when I cover it because even though I’m a truthful person, my flesh likes it and wants to do it. And I see Black people doing the same thing and every other group and all the folks that have come together. People that are against those that aren’t obsessed with video games or people that are against those that aren’t into sports, whatever,” he said. “All these divisions, how do we beat that? How do we not play down that destructive road?”

    “First of all, we have to understand nature. God says in the Qur’an, ‘I created you into tribes and families that you may know one another.’ Well, your tribe is not my tribe but if I do not have enough sense to be to my tribe a person that would suffice the needs of my tribe, then I’m not being true to who I am; but I’m called on to grow. And it’s in the process of growth where we have fallen down,” Min. Farrakhan explained.

    “So now I have to look out for Black people. I mean that’s my love but that’s not all that there is to me because I have grown and I love humanity now; but if I’m not true to my own people and their needs, you cannot trust me to be true to you. So the first thing Jesus said, the greatest law, ‘Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength,’ and the second one is like unto that, ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ In America, we have never been taught to love us,” the Minister said.


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