Farrakhan: Black America must change to survive

By Richard B. Muhammad -Editor-in-Chief | Last updated: Nov 17, 2009 - 8:02:18 AM

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The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivers poignant message. Photos: Michael Muhammad
CHICAGO | Mosque Maryam ( - The leader of the Nation of Islam began a major lecture series, “The Time and What Must Be Done,” by using scripture, current events, social conditions and, at times humor, in a poignant warning about the need to change to avoid divine chastisement as an old world goes out and a new reality begins to come into existence.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan stressed November 15 that change was mandatory, and no one would be exempt from a universal change on the horizon.

“When you use the definite article ‘the,' it's a particular time, no other time like it, it's ‘The Time.' Today I would like to give you a capsule of the time, which is a period between two events, the beginning of this world is the first event and the end of this world, which is the second event,” he said. “When it says what must be done, there is no other choice. It is an absolute necessity that when you know The Time, you have to make up your mind to act in accord with the time or you will be destroyed from the face of the earth.”

Crowd at Mosque Maryam enjoys Nov. 15 lecture.
Living in the time of God's judgment, actions must be taken to survive the fall of this world and to become a part of what God intends to make new, said the Minister. He spoke to a full mosque, overflow crowds in the gymnasium next door, listeners watching in mosques around the country and others who tuned in via the internet.

“If you try to correct America's ills, you're not patriotic, you're a troublemaker. If Jesus lived in America today would he criticize the evils of this society as he did in ancient Rome? Who would you want to be the leader that you follow, should it be this world and its evil or Jesus the Christ?” the Minister asked.

The plight of the Black man and woman has a divine solution of separation, as foretold in scripture, and until that 400-year-old problem of injustice and mistreatment is resolved the world will not know peace, said the Minister.

America isn't going to win any more wars and a wider war is coming, he warned. Blacks should not be fighting U.S. wars, Min. Farrakhan said.

“When God terrorizes you will learn how to call on Him, even the atheists, when it afflicts you, and it's coming. You are going to learn there is a power bigger than yourself,” he said. “If you put your trust in your dollar, material things or leaders, I feel sorry for you,” he said. “This is a time that trust in anything other than God will not get you anywhere.”

Salvation requires more than attending a mosque, church or synagogue, or having a particular political or cultural orientation, he said. Those who know the truth must warn the ignorant or face God's wrath for their failures, the Minister warned.

“The chastisement of God is coming down as we speak and it will get worse. Something ‘to be done' means something to be executed, something to be exercised, something to be realized, something to be affected, something to be completed,” he said.

Periods of time, scripture and prophecies

The Minister explained that the current era begins with the making of the White race, which was allowed to create and rule a world built on falsehood.

“If you and I are under the rule of such people and we have accepted their way of life as the norm for our actions, we are considered a sleeping people or a dead people---that when the trumpet is blown at the end of their time of rule, the dead will arise. It's not talking about the cemetery. The whole earth has been a cemetery for the Black, Brown, Red and Yellow while the Caucasian has ruled,” he said.

The six days described in the Bible represent the 6,000-year era Whites were given to rule, over three periods of time. The first 2,000 years from Adam to Moses were marked by Caucasians falling into savagery, living in the caves and hillsides of Europe, until Moses was sent to them, he explained.

“The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says The Time, 6,000 years ruled by the White race, has been the worst of our known history, a time of complete troublemaking, war, bloodshed and the death of both the righteous and the wicked as never before,” said Min. Farrakhan.

The second 2,000-year period is from Moses to Jesus, the last prophet to the White race, who died for the truth that he taught, but prophesized one was coming after him that would bring in the kingdom of heaven, Min. Farrakhan said.

The last 2,000 years, particularly the last 500-600 years, correspond with the Bible's book of Revelations and the devil coming down with great wrath because his time to rule is short, he continued. So “under a false version of the true teachings of Jesus Christ, Whites went throughout the earth with a cross in the name of Christ and slaughtered the indigenous people,” he noted.

Whites took Africans into slavery, some sold by their brothers; bearing witness to the biblical story of Joseph sold into bondage by his brothers after a vision showed the sun, moon and 11 stars bowed to him. “This means your future is to be a ruler and the enemy knows your future. And that is why he's tricking you and deceiving you into making you think that America is post-racial and that (after) their 400 years of deceit and murder, now they all of a sudden have become your friends,” he said.

Caucasians have risen from the caves to explore space and the depth of the sea, mastering the laws of life itself, the Muslim leader observed. “This is the White man's extreme value because he taught you that God is a man. He taught you how God rules with wisdom, he taught you what you dream about you have the mental capacity to bring into existence.”

“Today you can't blame the White man for where you are, you are where you are because that's where you want to be. But if you got your own foot out of your own way, no White man in the heavens above or the earth beneath could stop you from achieving what God wants for you,” the Minister added.

The coming of the Great Mahdi

The last 2,000-year period includes the coming of God, also known as the Son of Man, and the Great Mahdi, a human being with the wisdom and power of the Originator of the heavens and the earth, said the Minister. But, he said, this powerful and prophetic figure is a human being---as Jesus, Moses and Muhammad were humans who prophesized his coming. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, patriarch of the Nation of Islam, taught the prophesized one made his appearance in North America in 1930, and went under the name Master Fard Muhammad, taught Mr. Muhammad for three and a half years and came to free Black people and judge their oppressors.

In Islam, the Mahdi sets justice in the earth, sits down tyrants, and brings in a kingdom based on freedom, justice, equality and peace, the Minister said.

All of the religions of the earth speak to the golden rule, do unto others as you would have others do unto you, he said. Rejection of that principle opens the door to abuses, murder and justifying abuses of others. Those outside of your faith, sex, class, nation, ethnicity, gang or neighborhood are denied or victimized because they are not seen as equals, he said.

“Until humanity grows up into the mind of the Messiah, then we will keep this same old wicked world in existence,” he said.

Whites, as noted by political commentator and author Pat Buchanan wrote, are dying a natural death with more burials than births in 17 European nations, the Minister said. This is another reflection of scripture and God's punishment for rejection of his way, said Min. Farrakhan.

Challenges facing President Obama

President Obama means well but is surrounded by the criminals, the people that ran the banks into ruin are his economic advisors, said the Minister. They said a stimulus package for Wall Street was needed, not a bailout for suffering Blacks, noted Min. Farrakhan, who expressed love for Mr. Obama, but added that Mr. Obama has run for the office of pharaoh at a time of pharaoh's demise.

“This is a problem he cannot solve,” said the Minister. “If your hope is not in God and his Christ, if your hope is not in the Messiah and the Mahdi, then hoping in brother Barack is futile. He's a man with a good heart, he wants to save America, but they won't let him.”

An atmosphere is being created that would justify killing the president, warned the Minister. President Obama loves America, and wants to save the country from herself, he said. But vicious opponents are saying the first Black president “despises America,” and the “overinflated ego from Chicago has it in for America.”

They accuse President Obama of having an ideology of American guilt for “limitless moral failures” as the “chief architect of the world's ills,” the Minister noted.

“The question is, is America guilty of limitless moral failures?” he asked the audience. “Yes, sir!” roared the crowd.

Criticism of Obama “associations,” including the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, was questioned by Min. Farrakhan. Mr. Obama speaks fondly of Abraham Lincoln, a man who didn't want Blacks equal in America and favored shipping Blacks out of the country, he noted.

“Patriotic Americans would not have listened to the bigoted, anti-Semitic hate America rants of a fringe religious leader for 20 seconds, let alone for 20 years,” Obama critics said, attacking the Rev. Wright as a mentor for Mr. Obama. “Do you know all the programs that wonderful pastor has set up to correct the evils of White America racism and its affect on Black people?” the Minister asked. “Because (Rev. Wright) has enough love for America to speak to America like the prophets spoke to the kingdoms and governments in which they appeared, he's not patriotic?

“So you're a patriot because you kill your brother, sell crack to your brother, gang rape your sister. You're patriotic because you do what pleases them because you put yourself in a position for them to put you right on into prison for you to become a slave again.”

Min. Farrakhan said “tribal” allegiances allow gang members to kill one another without remorse. The fratricide reflects the slave master Willie Lynch tactic of putting Blacks against one another to the benefit of Whites, he said.

Neighborhood beefs between Chicago's Roseland neighborhood residents and residents of Altgeld Gardens public housing project led to the beating death of honor student Derrion Albert, which was captured on video and has been broadcast over the Internet. Some people believe they are better than the Altgeld residents, which is a Satanic mindset, and allows for mistreatment and murder of your brother, said Min. Farrakhan.

Are you better because of where you live, or because you went to college? he asked. How can you “be better when you have no factories, you're producing no jobs, you're building no homes, you're doing no business?” the Minister said as the audience applauded.

The killing and violence has elders frightened and making calls for outside intervention, Min. Farrakhan said. “If we don't stop killing each other, soon you will see the National Guard in our neighborhood in full military gear,” he said. Heavy weapons and house to house searches justified by reports of gang members with weapons are coming, if the violence doesn't stop, the Minister said, pointing out such operations have already taken place in Oakland and Los Angeles.

God wants to use Blacks to build a nation for his glory and it is time to build a new, independent reality, Min. Farrakhan said. Blacks have the skills to build a land of their own, and to rebuild Africa, he added.

“You think your hope is in this, your hope is in God,” said the Minister. “The greatest deception that the enemy is practicing is to deceive you away from the promise of God for your great future. So let's make the change, let's try to make ourselves a better people. Let's study and qualify ourselves for positions in his kingdom that await us.”

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