The 9 Ministries

City of the Nine Ministries

The Spiritual Ministry

The mission of the N.O.I. as a whole and of each of its parts is the spiritual development of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam in North America and our people throughout the world. The mission of the N.O.I. is the resurrection spiritually of a dead people and the entire focus and meaning of its work is to bring about this resurrection as quickly as possible. This is the purpose that gives meaning to all other activities engaged in and is the criterion by which we expect to be judged by Allah and His Messenger, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. As such, the spiritual dimension must be present in all and excluded from none.

1. The Ministry of Agriculture

– The Mission of the Ministry of Agriculture is to develop a system of sustainable agriculture that will provide at least one meal per day for 40 million Black people in America. This system should also produce the raw materials for clothing and housing as well. The establishment of this system includes provisions for the distribution of food from Black farmers.

2. The Ministry of Arts and Culture

– The mission of the Ministry of Arts and Culture is the promotion of aesthetic, artistic and cultural expressions, especially those derived from the Qur’anic based culture of Islam; but also music, dance, drama, poetry, visual arts and sports. This includes the promotion of theater companies, music ensembles, choirs, creative writing, poetry recitations, talent shows, film production, video and audio recordings, presentations, competitions, and compilations along with an annual Festival of the Arts. A wholesome sports culture for athletic achievement should be encouraged.

3. The Ministry of Defense

– The mission of the Ministry of Defense is to ensure the safety, security and survival of the individual members of the N.O.I., their homes and property as well as to defend the National interests of the N.O.I., as a whole through the enhancement of its military and intelligence assets, structures and institutions.

4. The Ministry of Education

– The mission of the Ministry of Education is to be responsible for the mental and moral development of the members of the Nation of Islam by means of formal instruction in a system of learning ranging from primary to advanced degrees under the direction of a National Board of Education. The educational system is known as the University of Islam and includes teachers, instructors and staff who shall teach and train students in the way of righteousness, decency and self-respect, with the goal of making a better nation of people.

5. The Ministry of Health

– The Ministry of Health and Human Services is responsible for the health and well being of the members of the N.O.I., registered and non-registered alike, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, as individuals, families and communities. Health is defined as that state of being of the individual and his family and community that is the fulfillment of the ultimate perfection that is the intention of the Creator.

6. The Ministry of Information

- The mission of the Ministry of Information is to oversee and develop the literature of the N.O.I. to better inform the public and membership of the history, policy, teachings and programs of the N.O.I. To collect and disseminate information via newspapers, radio, television, Internet, magazines and all other sources. To develop information systems and networks for secure internal and external communications. To initiate media program development and management; to publish books, pamphlets and magazines and set-up an office of media affairs and press secretary. 

7. The Ministry of Justice

– The Mission of the Ministry of Justice is to establish a reliable system of justice administration that protects the rights of the Believers in a way that is consistent with the principles of Islam and the Constitution of the N.O.I.

8. The Ministry of Science and Technology

– The mission of the Ministry of Science and Technology is the continuous development of the technological resources of the N.O.I. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to the solution of human problems and is the source of the power and the dominion of man over the forces of nature for the purpose of evolving civilization and supporting the needs of people.

9. The Ministry of Trade & Commerce

- The mission of the Ministry of Trade and Commerce is to expand business and commercial activity of the N.O.I. consistent with its aims and goals by realizing the economic potential inherent in the fulfillment of human needs. To translate the skills, talents and interests of the Believers into viable revenue streams through effective business planning and management that tends to decrease the percentage of operating funds derived purely from charity.

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