Black voters to the rescue, again?

By Sonya Ross Associated Press | Last updated: Oct 27, 2010 - 9:10:28 AM

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Democrats turn to ignored voter base when threatened with loss of Congress, Senate

President Barack Obama is cheered by supporters at a recent rally in Philadelphia, PA. He has spoken at numerous gatherings as critical midterm elections approach. Photo: AP/Wide World photos
BOWIE, Md. - On the corner of Collington Road and Route 301, a bright blue poster screams the Democratic Party's wishful thinking at passing cars: “We've got your back President Obama.”

The poster, not quite big enough to qualify as a billboard, reflects an unspoken bargain between Obama and Black voters: He asks, they deliver.

In October, President Obama was asking.

Polls indicate many minority voters are discouraged and won't turn out Nov. 2 as they did for Mr. Obama two years ago, yet a solid showing among Blacks could still swing several House, Senate and gubernatorial races, according to some analysts.

Ruy Teixeira, a political demographer for the Center for American Progress, said certain parts of the Democratic base—particularly young voters and minorities—typically “tune in” just before an election, and Democrats could improve their chances if they galvanize those constituencies.

“It is not at all clear that the outcome is going to be as grim for the Democats as at least some polls suggest today,” Mr. Teixeira said. “The Democrats could possibly get out of this election and still hold the House. I think it's going to be very difficult, but it is not as impossible as it might appear.”

Black voters are “strategically located” to impact as many as 20 House races, mostly in Southern states, explained David Bositis, a senior researcher at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, who has analyzed the Black electorate for more than two decades. They also could sway more than a dozen Senate and governor's races, Mr. Bositis said.

“It's not something where the Democrats and the candidates are going to be out there yelling, ‘We want the Black vote,'” Mr. Bositis said. “They're going to work through the Black churches, the Black media.”

Mr. Bositis said this election could echo midterm elections in 1986, when significant Black turnout helped Democrats gain House seats and take control of the Senate, and again in 1998, when Democrats picked up governorships in Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia.

Both of those elections followed events that resonated with Black voters: Jesse Jackson's historic presidential campaign in 1984 and the GOP effort in 1998 to impeach then-President Bill Clinton.

Back then, congressional Republicans “were attacking Bill Clinton just like they are attacking Obama right now,” Mr. Bositis notes. “And Obama is more popular with African-Americans than Clinton was.”

While many Democrats are distancing themselves from President Obama, the party's approach with Black voters is to make the election about the president and his agenda.

University of Chicago political scientist Cathy J. Cohen said Democrats hope that by framing the election around the attacks on Mr. Obama and racial polarization arising out of the Tea Party movement, “Black voters will mobilize in particular districts so they can tip the balance.”

“I still think that Black people will come out and vote for what they think is the president's agenda, which is to vote Democratic,” said Ms. Cohen, author of a new book on Black youth and politics. “A solid Black turnout will be fine in some seats. But they need the excitement of 2008.”

To that end, the Democratic National Committee is spending $2 million on ad buys in Black media, far more than it spent on such buys in previous midterm elections. The president himself stopped by a White House briefing for Black bloggers and journalists from Black-oriented media. He also met at the White House with the Trotter Group, a group of Black newspaper columnists. (See related story, page 5.)

Mr. Obama also spoke at an Oct. 7 rally for Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley that drew 7,000 people to historically Black Bowie State University. The school, about 20 miles east of Washington, is located in Prince George's County, Md., which, according to census data, is the nation's wealthiest majority Black county—65.6 percent Black with a median annual household income of $71,696.

The “got your back” posters stand at several major intersections in Prince George's, which also is home to Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. “We've got your back, we've got your back,” the crowd at Bowie State chanted when President Obama took the stage with Gov. O'Malley and Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, who is Black.

“What the other side is counting on is that this time around, you're going to stay home,” Mr. Obama told the crowd. “They figure Obama's not on the ballot, you're not going to come out and vote. Well, Maryland, you have got to prove them wrong.”

Whether that message is getting through to enough Black Democratic voters to make a difference is an open question.

Andrew Robb, 47, of Upper Marlboro, Md., said he plans to vote and is not buying into the notion of significant Democratic losses. “It's my civic duty, and I'm voting Democrat,” Mr. Robb said. “The Democrats are going to prevail. I think it's a lot of hype with the Republicans.”

But Joyce Walker, 55, of Bowie, also a Democrat, said she feels Democrats “might take a big hit” because many core voters are not fully engaged.

“Most people, they're not enthusiastic about the governor's election. They're mostly enthusiastic about the president,” said Ms. Walker, who does plan to vote on Nov. 2 when Gov. O'Malley faces Republican challenger Bob Ehrlich in the governor's race.

The 20 House races where Black turnout could determine the winner, according to Mr. Bositis' analysis, are in 14 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

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Farrakhan takes Tampa!

By Richard B. Muhammad and Ashahed M. Muhammad Final Call Staffers | Last updated: Oct 19, 2010 - 9:24:48 AM

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The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan greets crowd at 15th anniversary of the Million Man March. Photo: Ansar El Muhammad (Right) First Lady of the Nation of Islam Mother Khadijah Farrakhan Photo: Mikal Veale
TAMPA ( - The huge floor of the convention center was so full that members of the Fruit of Islam rushed to set up extra chairs as thousands turned out to hear the leader of the Nation of Islam speak in an area known for sunny weather, palm trees, waterways, lush greenery and vacations.

But Sunday, Oct. 17, was no day off: It was devoted to a keynote address by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to mark the 15th anniversary of the Million Man March, which drew nearly two million Black men to the nation's capitol, and a Holy Day of Atonement built on the principles of atonement, reconciliation and responsibility.

“This is a beautiful city,” Min. Farrakhan told the crowd of 8,000 people assembled inside the Tampa Convention Center. “There are beautiful buildings, beautiful bridges, pretty sand, all of the things that really fascinate the eye but the ugliness is not the beautiful buildings, the ugliness is ignorant, underdeveloped human beings.

“Every human being has the possibility of reflecting God. Every human being has the possibility of achieving unlimited heights during the time of our life on this planet. Every human being should be afforded that human right to know, for whenever a human being is deprived of knowledge, they're deprived of that which evolves them to be what God created them to be...” he said.

The Minister explained that the Bible says God created the heavens and the earth with wisdom, and the Holy Qur'an, the Islamic book of scripture, introduces God saying “I Allah (God) am the Best Knower.”
Photo: Mikal Veale

“How can anyone serve God in ignorance?” the Minister asked. “Ignorance is the enemy of God. Knowledge will make us the friend of God and it will allow us to befriend one another, therefore all of the prophets taught us to get knowledge,” he said.

“No human should be afraid to know more. No human being should feel threatened by one who possesses knowledge,” said Min. Farrakhan. “So much ignorance exists that all of us who know whatever degree of knowledge we have, we have a responsibility to those who do not know to share that knowledge not seeking to make them our followers or slaves but share knowledge to improve them spiritually (and) mentally that they may improve themselves socially, politically, economically and otherwise,” he said.

“The Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught us that the brain cells are created by God to think rightly and everything you see of God's creation is truth,” said Minister Farrakhan. “To think right, the mind must be fed with truth, with facts, with reality.”

Part of the reality addressed by the Minister were harrowing conditions facing Blacks in the area—from high school dropout and incarceration rates, to disproportionate disciplinary rates among Black children to often jobless Black men, who rely on women for support.

He talked about how injustice in America had reduced and injured Blacks to such a degree that God Himself would have to come, and has come, to deliver a suffering people and judge the mighty nation they were forced to serve.

When a government gets so beyond the pale that humans cannot correct it, Divine intervention comes into play and God has intervened in America, appearing as the Great Mahdi, a powerful human being imbued with the power and wisdom of the Almighty, he said. That Mighty One, Master Fard Muhammad, taught and raised the Honorable Elijah Muhammad from a spiritually dead nation and raised him to the position of Christ, one anointed with power to crush the wicked, said Min. Farrakhan.

Blacks in America, who have been in bondage and oppression for over 400 years, fit the biblical description of the children of Israel, he explained. God has chosen Black people as his own people, Min. Farrakhan added.

But, he said, when God chooses a people, the first thing that people must do is shed fear and understand that no one deserves to be feared or worshipped but God.

It is time for Blacks to accept their own destiny and to become responsible for their own future, he said.

All human beings should seek increased knowledge to come closer to the mind of God and gain freedom from ignorance, false ideas and concepts, to excel and grow, said the Minister.

International audience for major message

His message was delivered to thousands inside the center, and thousands more viewed it via Internet webcast. His theme of atonement, reconciliation and responsibility matched the theme of the historic Million Man March, which took place on October 16, 1995.

It was the largest public rally in U.S. history, despite opposition and controversy.

After a rousing and spirited introduction by Rasul Muhammad, a son of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad who also serves as the Seventh Regional representative of the Nation of Islam, which covers Florida and parts of the Caribbean, Minister Farrakhan spoke into the hearts of an electrified audience.

“I make no excuse for my love for Black people. I don't apologize. All my life, my love was for God and for you.” said Minister Farrakhan. With the Million Man March, the Minister said he was focused on two things, God and Black people. In a personal way, Min. Farrakhan explained how his strong faith and connection to the Creator was forged: He spoke about how his mother tried to abort him three times using very crude methods, and after the third try, she gave up and grew closer to God through prayer.

“Her prayers were forming me for God,” said the Minister. “This is what you're looking at. And if you can't understand your brother, then when you really want to understand something, you go back to the beginning. You go back in the womb and see what went down because the womb is so sacred; the womb is so precious that whatever happens in the womb or on the womb marks the child.”

His father was a follower of Marcus Garvey and that movement inspired his mother as well. This caused her to ensure that her son learned about the struggle of Black people. This deep love of Black people and God guides the Minister's actions today.

“I was nurtured not on my pain, but I was nurtured on your pain. And it was your pain that ached my heart. It was your suffering that shaped me,” he said. “I came to give my life for you and for the freedom of our people, and I cannot wait to prove that to the world.”

Speaking directly to his detractors, and critics, he discussed some of the drama surrounding the Million Man March. For many, it was difficult to believe that God was with Minister Farrakhan's call until they looked out on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and saw a sea of Black men assembled.

“Black men shoulder to shoulder! Black men bolder and bolder!” said the Minister.

This impressed many world leaders, but it made some of those who were already envious and jealous of his ability to draw large enthusiastic crowds angrier. It also caused the enemies of the rise of Black people to fear him more, continually working to destroy him, and the Nation of Islam, but they have failed.

“The enemy is upset with Farrakhan because he can't make me afraid,” said Min. Farrakhan as many in the crowd jumped to their feet and cheered. “I speak what I want to speak to whom I want to speak it, when I want to speak it and don't give a damn about consequences!”

“If it is God in whom you put your trust, then the fear of men will leave you. If it is God in whom you put your trust, then nobody is bigger than God,” said Min. Farrakhan. “When a Black man, who has been the victim of oppression, can make a call for a million and two million men show up, see that's an army. God was behind that call and God put it in the hearts of those men to answer that call.”

Lessons from the Million Man March

The late singer Michael Jackson donated $100,000 to the men's march, which was funded by Black dollars, showing the power of unity and commitment—and a promised accounting report was issued following the gathering, said Min. Farrakhan.

The late Rosa Parks, the late Betty Shabazz, the late Dr. Dorothy Height and Maya Angelou were all present on that day, despite the “hard-hearted Hannahs” who had negative words to say because Black men were the focus of the march, recalled the Minister.

But the image of Black men was being used to justify a war on the Black community so the problem with the men had to be solved first, he said.

There were even some White people at the march, Min. Farrakhan noted. But, it was a day of love and peace and no one was mistreated and there was no crime in the District of Columbia that weekend, he said.

The Minister described how the day of the Million Man March, then President Bill Clinton left town and the government shut down. A military response was also planned if the men at the march got out of hand, said Min. Farrakhan.

But the Muslim leader told his security that day, he would not take any escape route and if there was danger or death, he would die on the National Mall with this people.

Despite having a powerful voice and powerful oratory, the Minister pointed out how he has never retaliated against others who have spoken ill of him or unjustly wronged and attacked him. Min. Farrakhan said he could excite passion in his audience but he has never misused his gift—or targeted anyone with harsh words.

“Make no mistake about it, if I start talking about killing folks, there's a whole lot a folks that are going to die but I will not use my power in a negative way. I have restrained myself and taken all kinds of abuse and never have I responded with violence. Never! And some of my enemies, if I said the word tonight they'd be dead in the morning!” he said.

“But the lives of our people are sacred to me, so I can take your abuse, and the only time you'll get a reaction from me and from us, is when you come to attack us, then you will find out the power that is with us, and that goes for the government of the United States as well.”

The audience was struck by the message and often interrupted the Minister with applause and cheering. “I've heard so much about this man that I just had to come and hear him for myself. People told me he was racist and a bigot but I didn't hear that at all. If I just went by the naysayers I would have missed something beautiful and wonderful.I'm so glad I followed my own mind and didn't listen to them. We need the eight steps of atonement. I have some atoning to do myself,” said Sonia Jamerson.

Peter and Annette Blackerby, Tampa residents, heard the Minister in Tampa. The husband had heard Min. Farrakhan earlier this year in Rosemont, Ill., for the first time. The couple listened carefully to the message. “I was very impressed with the Honorable Minister with the way he was able to talk from the heart; the way he spoke about issues from the Bible, the Qur'an and he wove the truth in the way that was very easy for me to understand,” he said. “It clarified a lot of misconceptions that I had about the Nation of Islam. I had some media ideas that were incorrect and I came away with a different viewpoint. It is a viewpoint of peace. I heard references to things like the ‘White devil'—which in context, it makes perfect sense and it didn't make me say ‘hey,' well maybe I am in the wrong room,” he noted. “It was like ‘hey,' I totally got the references and things like that. So it is a very enlightening time for me,” he said.

While Muslims came from across the country to enjoy the weekend, others in the audience did the same traveling from places like South Carolina, driving for hours from Georgia and other points South to hear Min. Farrakhan live for the first time.

Reginald Latson made the drive from Georgia with a friend, both were happy they did. “I saw (Min. Farrakhan) in Atlanta deliver ‘The Real Children of Israel' and I was so impressed that I decided to come down and see him in Tampa, so it's the second time live.What affected me the most was his saying to take into account your own actions,” he said.

Laquasia Clinkscales lives in Melbourne, Fla., but is a New York native. She found out Min. Farrakhan would be in the area through the Internet. “His message for Tampa does what it does for all of us. It's inspiring.It's not a new message. It's one that those of us who have been following the Minister for a long time, we already know, if you're a believer. It inspires us to remember the things that we need to do. For me, it's just remembering and inspiring us to continue along the path, because things get hard and rough, but we have to remind ourselves of what the goal is and the goal is freedom. The goal is independence. The goal is to walk as God would have us walk and uplift our people and ourselves, of course,” Ms. Clinkscales said.

“I'm ready to be a Muslim right now. I want to get with this program. I love the way the brothers look and take care of business. I'm down with Farrakhan,” added an excited Jamal Robertson, a thirty-something-year-old Tampa resident.

(Charlene Muhammad, Nisa Islam Muhammad and Eric Muhammad contributed to this report.)


Atonement, Reconciliation and Responsibility

By Toure Muhammad | Last updated: Oct 11, 2010 - 9:55:12 PM

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CHICAGO ( - Inspired and led by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, more than two-million Black men gathered in Washington, D.C. to declare their right to justice to atone for their failure as men and to accept responsibility as the family head.

On that day, Monday, October 16, 1995 there was a sea of Black men, many who stood for 10 hours or more sharing, learning, listening, fasting, hugging, crying, laughing, and praying. The day produced a spirit of brotherhood, love, and unity like never before experienced among Black men in America. All creeds and classes were present: Christians, Muslims, Hebrews, Agnostics, nationalists, pan-Africanists, civil rights organizations, fraternal organizations, rich, poor, celebrities and people from nearly every organization, profession and walk of life were present. It was a day of atonement, reconciliation and responsibility.

“The Million Man March was one of the most historic organizing and mobilizing events in the history of Black people in the United States,” said Chicago-based Dr. Conrad Worrill, who was a main organizer of the March and the current president emeritus of the National United Black Front.

Congress shut down that day and President William Clinton was “out of town.” Mainstream media in American and media outlets from around the world were watching. The world did not see thieves, criminals and savages as usually portrayed through mainstream music, movies and other forms of media; on that day, the world saw a vastly different picture of the Black man in America. The world saw Black men demonstrating the willingness to shoulder the responsibility of improving themselves and the community. There was neither one fight nor one arrest that day. There was no smoking or drinking. The Washington Mall, where the March was held, was left as clean as it was found. Two of the best descriptions of the Million Man March include the word “miracle” and the phrase “a glimpse of heaven.”

Along with those who attended, many men, women and children spent the day at home watching the event on television and participating in the day of fasting and absence. Workers did not go to work that day, children did not go to school that day and no one engaged in sport or play.

During Min. Farrakhan's message to the millions gathered in the mall and those watching on television around the world that day, he explained to the world the need for atonement and he laid out the eight steps of atonement. Thus, for the past 15 years, people gather, reflect and observe the Holy Day of Atonement.

So many marches and campaigns were sparked by the Million Man March. In 1997 there was the Million Woman March, launched and organized in Philadelphia by Phile Chionesu, a grassroots activist and human rights advocate, also known as Empress Chi.

“The Million Woman March came as a result of the Million Man March. I had not seen our community buzz like that in years. The life of the community was gone, but in 1995, because of the Million Man March, the streets starting buzzing again with life. My sons were going and so was I. The energy going down to the March and being there was just…I cannot describe it. This is the feeling that drew me to The Movement. There was a feeling there that had been missing for so long,” said Empress Chi.

Still looking forward 15 years later, Empress Chi plans to launch, this month, the One in a Million Campaign. Her goal is to raise a million dollars. The money and resources will launch an independent school, establish a sanctuary house for women and children, establish Wholistic health centers, and create a line of hair care products.

Accompanying the Man and Woman marches, there have been the Youth, Family, Millions More, and Million Reparations marches. In addition, there were several offshoots tapping into the theme popularized by Min. Farrakhan such as the Million Mom March (gun control), the Million Worker March (labor), and Million Father March (education).

At the conclusion of the March, the millions of men repeated a pledge given by Minister Farrakhan that focused on a personal commitment to be responsible and active in improving the Black community. The purpose was for Black men to take responsibility for their own actions and to help develop their own communities, and to atone for their lack of responsibility. Many of the men assembled took the pledge given that day seriously and have been actively involved in making their word bond ever since.

“The March changed my life and my perspective of life in so many ways. I (gained) a tremendous commitment to the betterment of my culture, and a heightened capacity to care and to love. I am now trying to live by the code of honor and the right conditions set forth in the pledge that I took 15 years ago,” said Glenn Towery, owner of Fairy God Brother Productions and Film Company, LLC that produced the DVD, Long Live the Spirit, a documentary about the Million Man March.

“I have formed my own company and am striving to create culturally enriching productions for African Americans and the world. Thank you Minister Farrakhan for being a conduit to God that allowed such a magnificent idea as the Million Man March to come through your person into fruition. Thank you Benjamin Chavis and all of the organizers, planners and conveners of the Million Man March.”

Immediately following the March, roughly 1.7 million Black men registered to vote and organizational memberships skyrocketed—the NAACP, churches and mosques reported huge increases and the National Association of Black Social Workers reported a flood of 13,000 applications to adopt Black children.

The spirit of the March continues to this day.

“It was amazing to look out into a sea of Blackness! I've been supporting Black business and determined to work for myself since the March,” said Darnell Williams, a Chicago resident and business owner who attended the March.

“Since the Million Man March, October has become a special month for me,” said Dr. Ayo Maat, Organizer in Green and Disability Issues. “During the first march, I kept my children out of school and they stayed up all night and watched the event the entire day without complaint or fatigue. Since then, I have been working to instill the spirit of atonement and uplift of the race.”

“The spirit, energy, and the ideas that were articulated on that day still resonate among the activists and organizers and thinkers and the masses of Black men who participated in 1995,” said Dr. Worrill. “Although it may not appear that the energy and spirit and impact of that day is still with us; it has manifested itself with us today as Black men are engaged in numerous projects inspired by the Million Man March that can be documented.”

Those at the Million Man March also witnessed what one staff person characterized as “the largest public collection in the history of the world.” Michael Muhammad, a member of the Nation of Islam's secretarial staff highlighted a moment that still stands out in his mind to this day. “We just did not have enough personnel and proper materials to verify that all money bags would be safely returned to central control on the mall. We had to work with what we had and trust in Allah. The money bags were passed from one unknown Black man to another until they reached the assigned area. Later on that evening, a Black man came to the hotel and turned over a bag with thousands of dollars in content intact,” he said.

In another public display of accountability, the Million Man March was the first ever public march to provide an independent Financial Audit of its operations. The audit report can be viewed at

Over the years, the commemoration which also serves as the Nation of Islam's Holy Day of Atonement, has been held in different cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, and last year, Memphis, Tennessee. This year's event will be held in Tampa, Fla.

The keynote address is scheduled to be delivered Oct. 17 by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan at the Tampa Convention Center located in the heart of the downtown area.

Thousands are expected from all across the United States and abroad to participate in workshops, seminars and vendors will have the opportunity to display their products and services.

(For up-to-date information regarding the schedule of events, registration and to purchase tickets to the main event, visit


Blacks in America: The True Children of Israel

By Ashahed M. Muhammad -Asst. Editor- | Last updated: Oct 5, 2010 - 9:39:47 AM

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Farrakhan's electrifying message reveals Black destiny and wicked opposition to rise of the Original People

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
CHICAGO ( - The enemies of righteousness have made many forms of evil fair-seeming, while sowing seeds of confusion among God's people through racism, materialism, sexism and ideological differences, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan told a capacity crowd at Mosque Maryam, the international headquarters of the Nation of Islam on October 3.

In part three of his monumental lecture series “Who Are the Real Children of Israel?” Minister Farrakhan asked the overflow crowd to look at the divisions of the human family. God is not the author of confusion, he is the author of peace. To the degree that the world does not have peace, it is because there has been worldwide deviation from that way of life that God desires, he said.

“What is the straight path of God?” Minister Farrakhan asked. “It is in the truth that He reveals to move the human being towards perfection.”

The Minister said he was thankful for God's intervention in America in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, Al-Mahdi, the Self-Guided One who comes to guide a world that has lost its way, and whose appearance is foretold of in Islamic theology.

“He (the Mahdi) comes anointed by the Originator to perfect what he originated. He comes with power to crush the wicked who have created a world of evil that is in rebellion to the God of righteousness. He comes to master the day of religion that all the confusion in religion may be settled,” said the Minister.

But Muslims, Jews and Christians are all looking for a human being in whom is the holy spirit of God, not a spirit, said the Minister. “The Jewish community does not believe that Jesus of 2,000 years ago was in fact, the Messiah,” he noted. But the long–awaited Messiah of the Christians and the Mahdi of the Muslims has made his appearance in North America and chosen Black people as his people, Min. Farrakhan said.

Origin of Israel and the White Race

“All of us are under Israel. All of us are under the rule of the Caucasian people and all of the races have been affected by their rule,” said Minister Farrakhan.

Min. Farrakhan addressed a capacity crowd at Mosque Maryam in Chicago Oct. 3.
The Minister delved into the scripture, where it is outlined in the Book of Genesis that Jacob wrestled with an angel through the night. When the morning came, Jacob prevailed, and his name was changed from Jacob to Israel.

“This may be controversial to you, but the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that Jacob's name in Arabic is Yakub,” said Min. Farrakhan. “When they make mockery of what God has revealed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad they say that Yakub was an evil-scientist. Wrong!”

“Yakub was a scientist who saw in the genetic makeup of the Black man that he could bring out of us a new people, the opposite of the original. That is not evil. That is high science,” said Minister Farrakhan.

The enemies of righteousness want to do everything they can to keep the Black man and woman away from the true and proper understanding of their great past and prophetic destiny, and have worked to breed self-hatred into the minds of Black people globally under the power of White supremacy in all systems whether religious, scientific or educational, he continued.

We have been made hateful of anything that tied us to Black or Africa or our original state, “which never was a people running around the jungles of Africa with bones in our noses swinging from trees,” said the Minister. “If we were that and the White people who enslaved us were not our teachers, how then did we build their mansions in the South? How then did we design clothing for the master's daughters and master's wife? Who taught us how to do the things that we did to make America what it is today? They were not our teachers. We had something innate that could not be destroyed by the oppression of our slavemaster. We were born builders, we were born architects of civilization.”

Additionally, the research of genetic scientists and anthropologists verify what the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the patriarch of the Nation of Islam and Min. Farrakhan's teacher, was taught from God dealing with the Original people. The blood of the Black man and woman has been shown to be genetically powerful enough to produce the entire human family, and when attempting to find the origin of Black people, researchers go to Africa, Min. Farrakhan noted.

This is not race based teaching in order to exalt one over the other, said the Minister.

“The object of this teaching is to straighten out the planet that is confused now about the origin of man,” said Min. Farrakhan. “You cannot find our origin! We are the origin and our originator is God himself!”

The White race is styled in scripture under the name Adam, which represents their rule and civilization made in opposition to God, the Minister explained.

“Adam was born to rule. He was the God of a new world,” which is why Whites do not like to submit to those they deem to be inferior, especially Blacks, said the Minister.

“White people do not like to submit to Black authority. That's the problem in America that a Black man is a president but many Whites are angry, that a Black man is living in the White House,” said Min. Farrakhan, as the crowd thundered its applause. “Obama has brought out the best in White people and unfortunately, he has brought out the worst. He's a good man, but he is part of a plan that wasn't in his mind.”

“Barack Obama is a good man, but he is in the hands of the people that planned his ascension to become president of the United States,” said Min. Farrakhan. These wicked forces want to use the president to divert Blacks from their destiny as world rulers and sell Blacks and the Muslim world on the false idea that America has changed, he warned.

True identity and stolen birthright

Muslims respect and honor Jerusalem as Islam's third holiest city behind Mecca and Medina, however Jerusalem, which means “founded in peace” has not known any peace since it was taken over by the modern state of Israel in 1948, Min. Farrakhan said. He also pointed out that the Original Hebrews are Black.

“If the White race is under the name Israel, where did the name Jew come from?” asked the Minister. “Adam never said he was a Jew. Abraham didn't say he was a Jew. Moses didn't say he was a Jew.”

Reading from Romans 2:17, he described those who call themselves Jews, but live contrary to the law of God. He also described how Rebekah, the mother of twin brothers Jacob and Esau, through trickery, deceived their father Isaac which allowed Jacob to steal his brother Esau's birthright.

“These are usurpers of your history,” said Minister Farrakhan. “We are the elder and we are serving the younger and the younger is ruling the elder.”

Minister Farrakhan explains symbolism of U.S. seal.
Further outlining the point, Minister Farrakhan used a display screen which showed the seal of the United States of America.

The eagle, a bird of prey, holds arrows symbolizing war in one claw, and an olive branch in another claw symbolizing peace on the seal.

“They talk peace but grow strong through war,” he said. “This is Israel, the conqueror of the world. The conqueror of space, the conqueror of the depths of the sea, the conqueror of the people of God! But the scripture says, though you exalt yourself above the stars of heaven, yet will I bring you down to the sides of the pit of hell. God has come after the children of Israel.”

The nine feathers in the eagle's tail symbolize the Supreme Court justices and in a halo above the eagle are 13 stars, but if the outline of the stars are traced, they form the Star of David, the sign of what is now called Israel, Min. Farrakhan explained.

Black people in America are a carcass, the remains of a once great people controlled by Satanic forces, instead of reflecting God, he said.

“You are not now the children of God, you are the children of Israel!” he declared. “You are not made now in the image and likeness of God, you are made in the image and likeness of White people who have conquered you and mastered you and made you into themselves!”

“God had a purpose for the children of Israel and that was to go into a land that had already been carved out for them, but they had to break away from Pharaoh in order that God might fulfill his promise to them, take them through the wilderness into a land of their own,” Min. Farrakhan explained.

The spirit and atmosphere was electric and the standing room crowd rose often to its feet and regularly interrupted the enlightening and cogent message with applause.

Those who call themselves Jews in these modern times, the European Jews, also referred to as the Ashkenazi Jews, did not fulfill that prophecy, Min. Farrakhan said. Zionism which led to the modern state of Israel in occupied Palestine was a movement for a nation developed in Europe and first considered taking land in the African nation of Uganda before the fledgling United Nation, composed of a few states, sanctioned creation of the state of Israel in the Middle East, he said. But the state of Israel has had no peace and will never have peace based on lying and injustice and using God's name as a shield for unrighteous and unjust deeds, he said.

Deception in a time of separation

“How did we get a Black president?” the Minister asked. “Because those Satanic Jews know the time, that this is the time of your separation from them and that God wants to give you a land of your own as the cornerstone of the kingdom of God. The stone that all the builders rejected is to become the headstone of the corner. That's you! That's your future and they know it!”

The moment the Hon. Elijah Muhammad said it was time for Black people to separate, those teaching integration went into overdrive in order to make Black people and the world think that White people have changed, he noted

“Who are these people who call themselves Jews?” the Minister asked. “There were some European Jews that converted to Judaism and from them came the Zionist movement. The Zionist movement did not start in Palestine, it started in Europe. That's why they don't like (Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad.”

Minister Farrakhan then spoke briefly about his dinner September 20 with the Iranian President Ahmadinejad and 100 Muslim leaders in New York. Minister Farrakhan described how the media deviously portrayed the event as subversive and secretive. Though it was a closed, meeting, there were Muslim leaders from across the U.S. present, and photos were published in The Final Call.

“Ahmadinejad said since the Holocaust you say took place in Europe, you should have asked the Germans to carve out some of Germany,” said the Minister. “The Palestinians did not kill them. The Palestinians did not put them in ovens. The Palestinians did not segregate them and make them put on a Jewish star so they can be dealt with.”

It was their own Gentile brothers who targeted the Jews, he said.

Prophecy and the modern Jesus

The Bible's four Gospels are tied to an historic Jesus who spoke in parables and was a sign of a Christ-figure in the last days of White rule—not the Jesus who fulfills prophecy today, the Minister said. The Holy Qur'an presents a picture of the angels revealing to Mary that she would have a child that would be the Messiah. Messiah is a function, not a name. He—the Messiah—would speak to the people in the cradle, and at old age. Scriptures say God will “teach him The Book and The Wisdom and The Torah and The Gospel,” Minister Farrakhan said.

The Islamic scripture also says God “will make him a messenger to Children of Israel,” he added.

“This is what you found here today,” said Minister Farrakhan. “I didn't just tell you what the book said, I told you what it meant because I met with Jesus. I've been taught by Jesus and I am his principle disciple,” said Minister Farrakhan. “You are to receive the Messiah himself as your teacher! That's the good news of the Gospel that you are the people to receive a visit from God and He is going to raise one from your midst and make him your Messiah!”

After the appearance of the Messiah, the Jews began to plan his death, and so it is today, with those who desire to “with ingenuity and skill” to make Black people ungrateful and rejecters of their own salvation, the Minister warned.

“That Jesus that I am talking about is the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. That Jesus that you must become acquainted with is the man that taught me that I can represent him to you,” said Min. Farrakhan. “I was born to make his message clear to the world!”

Obedience to that message will mean Blacks rising to world rulership by God's permission and ushering in His kingdom, the Minister said.

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